Kunskapsskolan USA provides the KED program and educational management services to public, private and charter schools in the US.

The US version of the KED program is fully adapted to NYS and Common Core standards. The U.S KED program includes the Learning Portal, a fully Common Core adapted web based curriculum.

Innovate Manhattan Charter School is a charter to open a middle school based on the KED program in New York City. The school opened in the fall of 2011 and is located in downtown Manhattan.

Innovate Manhattan Charter School is the first school in the US operated according to the KED program.



Margaret Hoey

President, Kunskapsskolan USA
Margaret Hoey has participated in several charter school start-ups, writing applications, reviewing applications, setting up schools and managing charter schools. She is a graduate of Bank Street College of Education and Columbia University in New York, a special education teacher and a N.Y. Licensed Master Social Worker. She joined Kunskapsskolan in 2010 to head up the application for Innovate Manhattan Charter School and Kunskapsskolan's organization in the U.S.
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Innovate Manhattan Charter School is a charter Middle School based on the KED program. The school practice the complete KED program, including the Common Core adapted Learning Portal. After its first year in the Tweed Court house, the school in 2012 moved into new facilities in down town Manhattan, constructed and designed by Kunskapsskolan and its architect, according to the KED achitectural program.

Curriculum and Portal Manager to Kunskapsskolan USA

As Kunskapsskolan USA is expanding and now will focus even more on our development of the Learning Portal and our K12 US common core curriculum, we are hiring a Curriculum and Portal Manager. This person will, as responsible for our US curriculum and the Learning Portal, lead a group of dedicated curriculum writers. This position offers interesting challenges and great opportunities, both in the US and in our international network. To Learn more about the position and how to apply, click here

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