The KED Network

KED Student Network

The students who are educated based on the KED Program are united to learn. We identify student collaboration across KED Schools through the label “KED Buddies”. As KED buddies, students are supported to interact. The purpose of this interaction is to understand subject concepts in their curriculum, give them new strategies how to learn it, and see why they should learn it. In this way, students benefit in their academic progress, whilst sharpening their skills to communicate and act globally.


The acclaimed teaching and learning methods of the KED Program help students progress through the curriculum of their home country, whilst on a global basis, KED buddies from different schools in different countries work together across borders. Through the growing number of connections in the Network, the interaction between schools is establishing itself as a central feature of the education we conduct.

The Kunskapsskolan schools are among the leading schools of Sweden. The success of its KED Program can be judged not only by students’ performance being higher than the Swedish national average, but also by the growth of KED schools across international boundaries. Currently, over 100 KED schools and KED Inspired schools are operational across Sweden, UK, the Netherlands, India, USA and the Middle East. The schools follow the curriculum of each country and grade student performance according to national standards.

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