The KED Network

More than 100 schools are using the KED Program across Sweden, UK, the Netherlands, India, USA and the Middle East.

Our expansion is accomplished through the opening of our own schools, and as we provide various packages of the KED Program to existing schools and educational providers around the world.
The KED Network is a vital part of who we are. Linking educators and students together in a global network stimulates continued improvements of our offering, while it promotes global understanding and new perspectives.

We operate in different ways, and in different educational systems, but we all share the same belief in personalized education. From this platform, we can give each other feedback, learn from one another and evolve. Just like learning leads to personal development for each of our students, shared experiences in the KED Network enhance our ability to educate our students.

We think this is the best way to ensure that our schools provide the best teaching and learning for the next generation of graduates. Our education model can be used all over the world at all educational levels. Please let us know how you would like to join the KED Network.

The Kunskapsskolan schools are among the leading schools of Sweden. The success of its KED Program can be judged not only by students’ performance being higher than the Swedish national average, but also by the growth of KED schools across international boundaries. Currently, over 100 KED schools and KED Inspired schools are operational across Sweden, UK, the Netherlands, India, USA and the Middle East. The schools follow the curriculum of each country and grade student performance according to national standards.

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